A heavy storm can send water flowing where it doesn’t belong: inside your home. Even when flooding is limited to a specific region of your home, there are still precautions that need to be taken and special damage remedies to be considered.

When anything remains wet for more than two days, mold begins to form, creating a breeding bed for germs and bugs in your home. You will need to hire a company to carry out cleanup efforts as soon as possible. Don’t rush to move back in. After a house has been flooded it must be thoroughly cleaned and dried by a professional company in order to be habitable again.

A flood leaves many areas in your home damaged. Even opening doors may be difficult because the water has made the wood swell. Plaster ceilings and walls may be water-logged and heavy. Floorboards may have come loose, joists may be weakened, and there could be holes and exposed nails. All of the abovementioned could be serious hazards that may result in injury or further damage if not treated immediately.

For more information on renovation steps that should be followed after a flood has occurred in your home, please contact First Call 24/7. 1-866-637-9699

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