During hurricane season it is absolutely important that pet owners understand their role in keeping their animals safe. All pet owners should be prepared to keep their pets safe before the storm as well as understand how to keep animals calm during a storm. Proper planning will help minimize extra stress during an emergency.

If you need to evacuate your home, do not leave your pets behind. Most evacuations last only a few days, but you may not be able to return home quickly. The safest place for any pet is with their owner. Be sure to have a sturdy crate or carrier ready for transporting animals in the event of an evacuation.

Additional evacuation tips:
• Your pet should always wear a collar with a rabies tag and identification. It’s also a good idea for pets to have permanent identification, such as a microchip, along with enrollment in a pet recovery service.
• Pack an extra leash, collar and ID tag.
• If your evacuation plan includes staying in a hotel or motel, make sure your pet is welcome there. Many accommodations will relax their pet policy in the event of a crisis, but do not make that assumption.
• Put a copy of your pet’s important papers including license, vaccination documents and health records in a waterproof bag or container.

For more information on steps to protect your pets during hurricane season, please contact First Call 24/7. 1-866-577-4468

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