After a flood or a fire has occurred, a home should be repaired and damage control should be applied. If repairs and renovations are not carried out promptly, there will be lasting damage of mold, odor, stains and worst of all, compromised integrity to the structure.

When it comes to fire or water damage, problems are not always apparent. For example, a home may have sustained a fire in which walls and floors were replaced but hidden damage was not tended to. It is also important to point out that even in cases where the incident of a flood or fire are disclosed, the repairs may be superficial and not be to code. Permanent structural damage can easily be covered up but eventually people will learn the truth when problems start to reoccur.

It is fraud not to disclose pertinent information about a home or to improperly disclose situations that occurred in the past. If it’s a problem that has been remedied, the seller must present bills or proof to show the problem has been corrected.

After the team at First Call 24/7 has finished repairing your home and restoring it to its original status, we will write you a thorough report detailing all the rehabilitation work we did for your home. For more information on steps to protect your home or business, please contact First Call 24/7. 1-866-637-9699

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