In a crime scene, once police investigation is completed and evidence is collected, coroners will remove the body but will leave the scene intact. The scene cannot remain as it is – it is unhygienic and people will eventually want to move back into their homes or place of business. Those who have already dealt with the trauma of losing a loved one shouldn’t have to go through the additional trauma of cleaning the scene and putting their health at risk.

First Call 24/7 specializes in cleaning crime and trauma scenes and bio-hazard decontamination. Our staff is professionally trained to deal with bodily fluids and blood borne pathogen exposure. We remove any porous material and biohazards such as carpeting, furniture, plasterboard that have been contaminated with blood and bodily fluids. We make sure that invisible seepage is not left behind to haunt home occupants with blood borne diseases or stenches. We bag and box the debris with specially labeled biohazard containers for disposal. The biohazard waste is then transported and incinerated by a disposal company.

We understand that working with a family after a death incident requires more than biohazard cleaning expertise. We make sure that our encounters with clients are respectful and professional. We make sure that the bereaved family or friends do not need to worry about the cleanup and can focus on other important matters such as funeral arrangements and related concerns.

For more information on crime scene cleanup services, please contact First Call 24/7. 1-866-577-4468

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