Going into a residence that has been flooded can present a wide variety of hazards that can cause injury, illness or even death. First Call 24/7 carries out several procedures to thoroughly clean up and make flooded homes safe again for our clients to go back to.

Here are a few examples of possible flood damage hazards that all homeowners should be well aware of:

– Electrical hazards – do not enter a flooded home if the power is on. If any electrical circuits have gotten wet, get the power turned off at the main breaker or fuse box and leave it off until the electrical wiring equipment has been inspected and repaired.
– Structural damage – Do not enter a building if the framing or foundation is damaged because injuries could be caused by falling objects and broken or damaged building components.
– Hazardous material – dangerous materials that might be found in flooded homes include pesticides, fuel oil, gasoline and other chemicals or substances that might have been brought in or spilled by the flood. Damaged buildings may also contain asbestos or lead based paint, which can cause health problems during cleanup.
– Biological hazards – bacteria, molds and mildew can cause illness when you breathe them in or take them into your body through a cut in the skin.

For more information on steps to protect your home or business from a flood, please contact First Call 24/7. 1-866-577-4468

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