During a flood, one of the most difficult things to salvage is a carpet or rug. Of course, the first and most important tip we can give you is to call the professionals whenever a flood has struck your home. That being said, First Call 24/7 is here to help with some tips on how to deal with wet carpets until our professional team arrives.

If you have an area rug that can be moved, the first thing to do when it is wet is to remove it from the floor and hang it to dry outside.

For wall-to-wall carpets, the situation is a bit more complicated. Nevertheless, here are some things that can be done before we arrive.

Move any furniture off the carpet. This is both to prevent the furniture from being damaged and to prevent the carpet from being stained. It will also allow you to have clear access to the wet carpet.

Lay down towels over the wet carpet. After you’ve covered the wet area of the carpet, step on and walk around the area to make sure the towels are saturated with water. Remove and replace the towels as needed.

Try to help the moisture evaporate. As you are soaking up the water with towels, ensure that the moisture is being encouraged to evaporate by pointing fans, hair dryers and dehumidifiers on the area.

The First Call 24/7 team of flood damage experts will arrive to your door quickly in order to minimize further damage to your home. That’s why it’s important to call us as soon as possible once you discover the flood. These tips will help while we are on our way, but will not completely replace the professional skills, equipment and techniques of our trained staff.

Remember to have our number handy in case of emergency: 1-866-282-8637.

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