There’s bad weather, and then there are forces of nature – and few are as damaging and costly as the furious hurricanes seen in Southern Florida. When a hurricane strikes, it leaves billions of dollars in devastation in its wake, not to mention the disruption caused to people’s lives, health and well-being.

Flood damage and water damage can ruin the place that you’ve worked so hard to call home. There is nothing we can do to prevent natural disasters, but there is much that we can do to anticipate them and protect our homes.

When a serious hurricane is heading to your community, there will most likely be some kind of evacuation plan. However, the home you leave behind will suffer the full force of the storm, so you need to ensure that it can handle it. Here are some hurricane preparation tips that will help minimize the inevitable damage that your home will suffer.

It’s important to look into your current local building codes and see if your home is within the proper specifications. This is most important when it comes to your roof.

When it comes to exterior doors and windows, ensure that a storm-door is installed on every entrance of your home. As an added measure of prevention, be sure that your door has three sturdy hinges, as well as a solid deadbolt. It’s also best to install windows that are impact resistant, with shutters as a first layer of defense.

Take these few short steps, and protect yourself, your family and your property from disaster.

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