When you think about a sewage backup, the first vision that comes to mind is the horrifying brackish components of sewage flowing throughout your home, over your clean floors and damaging your furniture and possessions. Definitely not a pretty sight!

Sewage flooding brings with it a whole list of horrible side effects in addition to the stench and gunk. You should never try to clean up a sewage flooding on your own. Here are a few reasons why you should leave it to the professionals:

– A wide range of different bacteria is found in raw sewage. The microorganisms that live in the sewage waste can increase the risk of developing lung disease along with other infectious diseases that can enter our respiratory system.
– Sewage backup can be highly toxic. Dangerous components in sewage are not only caused by human waste but other chemicals that might have been dumped down the drain over time. For example, the sewage backup could contain highly acidic detergents, pesticides, or pharmaceutical drugs.
– Sewage is heavily saturated with moisture, creating a thriving environment for mold growth. If allowed to spread, mold can seriously impact the health of children and those who suffer from respiratory issues or asthmatic conditions. Professionals will thoroughly remove the mold and eliminate the source of moisture, making it impossible for mold regrowth.

If a flood has occurred in your home due to a sewage backup, you must act quickly to solve this nasty incident quickly and efficiently. First Call 24/7 is an experienced provider of water damage and fire restoration, mold remediation and other restoration services. For more information on how you can protect your home or business, give us a call at 1-866-637-9699.

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