Most suicide cases take place in homes or hotel rooms and are discovered by a family member, a loved one or hotel house-keeping. In an instant, lives are forever changed, and the emotional stress and strain placed on the survivors is heavy. What the survivors need in these times is comfort and support and First Call 24/7 can definitely provide that.

The nature of the suicide can differ, with some messier than others, but at the very least there is always the question of the disposal of bodily fluids (blood, etc.). In this matter, professional services are always recommended. The handling of bodily fluids should only be performed by trained decontamination specialists who are trained in the field of crime clean-up and decontamination.

There is no reason for family members or loved ones to perform the cleaning act themselves. It is physically dangerous because blood can carry diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C. Furthermore, the emotional repercussions suffered can be the worst aspect of this type of trauma scene.

Give First Call 24/7 a call – your needs will be attended to by licensed professionals who work in accordance with law enforcement so that no mistakes or mishaps occur. The First Call 24/7 crime cleanup team will be sensitive to your situation and will work quickly to help you restore your home or workplace back to its pre-existing original state with as little inconvenience as possible. Call us at 1-866-637-9699.

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