Picture the following scenario: You walk into your kitchen to find that your dishwasher has flooded the floor with water and suds. It is important for every homeowner to know that dishwashers or washing machines can fail at any moment, flooding a home with gallons and gallons of water and causing thousands of dollars of damage. If the flooding happens while you are asleep or at work – the damage will be much worse.

Learn how to stop a disaster before it happens:

– Water may leak out from around the door of your dishwasher because dishes are placed toward the front of the rack and deflecting the water toward the gasket. Reposition the dishes and line them up properly to avert this problem.
– The door may not close as firmly as it should. Loosen the screws on the door strike, reposition it and tighten the screws so the door will latch on more firmly.
– The door gasket may be faulty. In time, gaskets often become brittle and no longer form a good seal to keep the water in the machine. Remove the old gasket and replace it with a factory equivalent.
– After installing the new gasket, check the door to see that it latches properly. Reposition the door gasket if necessary.
– If water leaks from under the machine, remove the bottom access panel and check all hose clamps. Tighten the clamps as necessary.
– Remember that all power must be off to the dishwasher’s circuit before you start working on it.

For more information on steps to take after a dishwasher backup and flooding has occurred in your home, please contact First Call 24/7. 1-866-577-4468

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