Comprehensive Restoration Services

Whether you own a home, a business or some other type of property, First Call 24/7 has the equipment, training and expertise to intervene and mitigate the worst effects of any disaster situation that you may face. We work around the clock to offer emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The restoration services we offer include but are not limited to:

Water Damage Restoration

In the event of a flood, storm or any other incident that results in water damage, a quick and effective dry-out followed by full cleanup and restoration is crucial to the health and safety of your home or business. First Call 24/7 uses state-of-the-art drying techniques and equipment to restore every water-damaged property to like-new condition. We have the equipment and expertise to follow each water damage restoration step in a timely, professional manner.

Water Damage Restoration Steps

Using cutting-edge equipment to detect moisture deep within walls and other surfaces, First Call 24/7 generally offers water damage restoration services that follow these steps:

• Water Extraction
• Drying & Dehumidifying
• Mold Remediation
• Restoration & Rebuild


Mold Removal & Remediation

In the wake of a water damage incident, it is crucial for property owners to keep tabs on moisture hidden deep within their walls and dry this moisture accordingly. If you don’t stay on top of it, water intrusion will easily pave the way for an abundance of mold in your home or business. This, in turn, will eventually damage your property and costs thousands more down the road. First Call 24/7 offers full mold removal and remediation services.

Mold Removal StepsAt First Call 24/7, our mold remediation and removal process generally includes the following steps:

• Assemble a containment barrier to keep mold spores from becoming airborne and spreading during the cleanup.
• Use commercial HEPA air scrubbers to capture airborne spores and HEPA vacuums to capture particles on surfaces.
• Remove unsalvageable materials and discard them appropriately.
• Deep-clean every surface that will not be replaced.
• Wipe down contaminated areas with hospital-grade antimicrobial cleaning agents to kill mold growth.


Fire & Smoke Damage

The amount of your home or business that can be salvaged after a fire is entirely dependent on how quickly somebody responds to it. A quick and effective response can save property-owners tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

At First Call 24/7, our emergency experts are trained to identify all salvageable materials and save them as quickly as possible. From the fire damage to the water damage from the fire department’s response and everything in between, we will restore your property from top to bottom.

Crime & Trauma Scene Cleanup

The last thing you need when tragedy strikes is to deal with the aftermath and cleanup. For the peace of mind everybody deserves, you can count on First Call 24/7 to provide comprehensive crime scene and trauma scene cleanup services.

We specialize in biohazard cleanup and are equipped to deep-clean, disinfect, deodorize and restore your property in the wake of any traumatic event. We will discreetly return your property to a safe condition.

Commercial Restoration

Business owners have no time to waste when disaster strikes. Any amount of damage left untreated can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses in a relatively short amount of time.

A small amount of mold damage, fire damage, or water damage can quickly deteriorate your property’s infrastructure and create health problems for the building’s inhabitants. Fire Call 24/7 will restore your business to like-new condition, guaranteeing the safety and security of you, your employees and your customers.

Mold Inspection & Testing

Even if your property has not experienced water damage recently, recurring mold inspections are a helpful way to ensure the long-term health of the building and its inhabitants.

With an inventory that includes the industry’s most advanced technology, First Call 24/7 uses time-tested expertise to identify mold buildup in even the most hard-to-reach areas. Whether you need mold inspection for insurance purposes, for a real estate transaction or simply for your own health, First Call 24/7 is here to help.

Sewage Cleanup

Toilet and tub overflow are nothing like ordinary flooding. When your home or business is flooded with sewage, the stakes suddenly become much higher. A quick response and cleanup is crucial to the restoration of your property. For effective sewage cleanup and sanitation services, you can count on First Call 24/7 to get the job done. In the meantime, please follow the following steps to try to fix an overflowing toilet:

  1. Remove the back lid from the toilet tank and set it aside.
  2. Reach inside the tank and push the flapper valve down. This should stop additional water from flowing into the toilet bowl.
  3. Lift the float to stop the tank fill valve from filling the tank. With the toilet tank’s main water supply blocked, you should see the toilet bowl water start to go down. After a few minutes, release the float.
  4. If the water does not stop filling in the toilet bowl, keep a hold on the float and turn off the water to the toilet. You should have a water valve located behind the toilet near the floor. Turn it to the right in a clockwise direction.

If a line is broken or if overflow continues, you can minimize damage by closing the door and stuffing it with a towel. For all of your sewage cleanup needs, First Call 24/7 is equipped and trained to provide fast and friendly service. Call today for lightning-fast emergency service.


Restoration Consulting

With decades of training and hands-on experience, First Call 24/7 is fully educated on the industry’s latest technologies and practices for water damage restoration, fire damage restoration and other restoration services.

We can show you tried-and-true methods for mitigating damage after an emergency incident. To guarantee that you and/or your employees are fully prepared for any disaster cleanup situation, call First Call 24/7 today.

Repair & Rebuild

Water damage, fire damage and mold damage can all create deep structural problems within the walls of your home. Some things just can’t be dried out. For everything that needs to be replaced and rebuilt, First Call 24/7 is just as ready and willing to provide the quality service you deserve.

Our technicians will demonstrate the utmost efficiency and craftsmanship as they repair walls, doors, windows and other structures to bring your property back to life.

Home Moisture Testing

Even though most standard home inspections don’t cover home moisture, it is still an important part of your home’s overall health. High moisture levels, whether in the air or on surfaces, can lead over time to deterioration and mold growth if left untreated.

After dealing with mold damage or water damage, home moisture testing is a good way to follow up and make sure your property is truly restored. Call the team at First Call 24/7 today for a free consultation.

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